Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just some thoughts!

hello all!

Just a little tired and contemplative tonight. Working which I love but does make me tired because I don't work all the time... Very challenging, love the kids and parents. Most of all I truly love the people I work with. Amazing, how we all work to help one another... at least I feel like we do and so appreciate each of them...

My mama is leaving the nursing home and returning to her apartment in 2 days... Please pray for her to be safe. I truly believe she is in His hands and God's will will be done. I just don't want her to fall again or for her kidneys to fail, or for her not to eat right or take her medicine many things.. God bless her abundantly.. bless those who have cared for her and cover us all with Your amazing love. Praying for help for mom at home. She needs someone to help her with personal care and house cleaning... I don't know, only God does... He has designed and planned for her especially.. He alone knows the purpose... Thank you Lord..

The wedding:

Getting excited for Kirby's and Brittany's wedding,,, coming soon.... I get to see my sister!!!!!! and mama Kay!!!!!!!!! I want it to be here now...LOL... Hugs everyone. thanks for reading my ramblings... Penny

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